Last visit: September 2014


109 North 3rd St.

Why we like it
Breakfast dishes based on eggs are great both when one is hangover or when one wishes to be healthy-ish. Here breakfast is served all day so sleeping in is not a problem.

Also worth a visit
Atlas Café


Roberta's Pizzeria
261 Moore St.

Why we like it
They serve breakfast pizza! And the pizzas have that thin, crispy crust that we like, and a good selection of toppings. Just look at the picture, wouldn't you want to eat that?


170 7th Ave.

Why we like it
Great selection of meats, buns, cheese, sauces and greens served with tasty sweet potato fries on the side. They have wild boar and elk on the menu, four bun choices, and its organic. What's not to love? It's a build-your-own-burger concept. Several locations also makes this a go-to burger place.



615 Manhattan Ave.

Why we like it
Minimalistic Scandinavian interior with maximalistic beer (flavorwise). The beers on draft change often and the selection includes almost every type of beer. The cool glasses also up the experience.

Also worth a visit
The Ides at Wythe Hotel


Fette Sau
354 Metropolitan Ave.

Why we like it
You can smell the BBQ from this place from two blocks away, and it's amazing! Just writing about it makes us hungry. Perfectly tender meats, soft potato rolls and tasty sides served directly on trays for sharing (or not). Cool space, and local craft beers on draft. We like to ask the cook for a little bit of everything that's available that day and get really, really full (and happy!).



Why we like it
Hey, it's a street food market, which we love because we get to taste so many different things! Eat one thing, then immediately start queing for the next. Come hungry and make a day of it. Or two.