You know how it is. You're in a city you don't know and you're starting to get hungry, but you don't want to eat just anything. You want something extra, the taste of just that city. 

That happened to us pretty much everywhere we went, and we could end up walking around for hours looking for the right place to eat. A good place to eat. With hunger comes hanger and desperation. Now we know better, and always travel prepared. These are the highlights from our notes and experiences.

We're a travel-happy couple of DINK's in our thirties, Mr. Happy and Ms. Hangry. One of us often in more dire need for food than the other. You might guess who?

There are some things we always crave wherever we go: a great breakfast, good coffee, a juicy burger, a crisp pizza and plenty of beer. And we usually find a wild card or two: a delicious gourmet spot, a unique café or anything else that we found extra special. Places that would fit none, some or all of the beforementioned categories.

So before the first signs of hanger appear, look us up for tips on where to go.